Custom Pocket Doors For Better Space Usage

What To Look For In A Pocket Door?

Any pocket door or movable wall system should include the following:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Strong construction
  • Warp free
  • Insulation

Space Saving  Handmade Custom Pocket Doors

At Large Pocket Doors, we make patented and patent pending lightweight, strong, and warp free insulated panels for some of the most prestigious companies in the united states. This core is ideal for large pocket doors.  Because of the unique qualities of our door panels, architects, contractors, and millworks save significantly on the price of operating equipment and hardware.Sing Honeycomb Oversized Door Finger Push


Sing Door Panels are insulated, lightweight, stronger and more dimensionally stable than solid wood panels.

Adding Pocket Doors To Architectural Elevations

When you specify a pocket door or moving wall, you want the freedom to choose the style of your choice. With our one of a kind door core technology, we supply doors with skins of any variety you can desire.  — We make it your way.


It Gets Better

The problems associated with wood doors warping over time are mainly due to it’s natural tendency to collect both moisture and temperature. Understanding this Large Pocket Doors has made a next-generation non-warping composite stiffener component to enhance all door panel performance to an unprecedented level. We can create doors that potentially outperform other wood doors by 500% or more, regardless of the style, type or size of door.

Our panels are an all around win in the industry. From millworks to general contractors, everyone is raving about the best custom pocket doors in the industry.





Who We Work With

Because we have such high quality handmade American custom doors, our clients specify us for the most beautiful, largest, smooth, and space saving doors. Getting our products is simple fill out the contact form and we will get you going.





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