Exceptional Large Pocket Doors

Pocket doors, also known as “pocketing doors” are unique in their design, function, and appearance for they are here one moment then not in the next. A pocket door slides and is either hung or slides on a track on the floor or a combination of both and disappears into a wall cavity when it is not being used.

The flexibility in design and function for custom pocket doors is nearly endless, limited only by your imagination. You will find most applications of these clever doors as interior pocket doors which can easily bee hidden in the concealed pocket door frame inside the wall.

Pocket doors, while they are magnificent in the fact that they can be both stylish and have the ability to fully vanish from sight if need be, must maintain their structural integrity and not warp. If your sliding pocket doors fail to perform to your ultra-high standards and reasonable expectations, it may get jammed or stuck inside the wall cavity, easily causing damage to your otherwise brilliant masterpiece, or even the wall itself.

What good are pocket walls if the large pocket doors they house are inoperable, or even worse destructive when used?

The good news is, you can now build a pocket wood door which will stay perfectly straight and never warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail. That’s right. By tweaking your pocket doors design to include Sing Core inside, you can have perfectly flat pocket doors, even if they are exterior pocket doors made of wood.

Pocket door prices vary across the full spectrum of pricing alternatives, but beware, in the case of pocket doors, be prepared to get what you paid for, because a warped pocket door is pretty much useless, effective and beautiful at the outset, but at the next change of season, maybe not, especially if it is rather large in size.



You may find a double sliding pocket door separating two adjoining spaces, commonly providing or limiting access between the kitchen and the dining room. While the kitchen may have moisture, steam and aromatic delights (or some not so aromatic scents) the dining room can be kept pristine, unencumbered by the goings on inside the kitchen when dining room pocket doors separate the two.

Kitchen pocket doors are an excellent way to conceal what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen from the vision of guests (or any of the other senses for that matter) as the pocket doors may be designed to look just like a solid wall, and not a sliding door at all, when in the closed position.

Many pocket door installations are purposely designed to be completely transparent as a full structural wall between the two spaces, unless they are in the opened condition, of course.

You Can Turn This Pocket Door

Into This Pocket Door

If you want the best pocket door, you might be well advised to learn about how to build a pocket door.

How to Build a Pocket Door

What you will need to even contemplate including a pocket door in your next project includes the following:

1. An opening
2. At least one or two walls to house the pocket door(s)
3. A pocket door slab, a little larger than the opening
4. A finish to compliment the design of the surrounding area(s)
5. Pocket door hardware

Building the Best Pocket Door

If you have all the necessary components listed above, then you can go about designing and building the best pocket door available in the world today. The best pocket doors possess the following characteristics. They are:

1. Eco-friendly
2. Lightweight
3. High strength
4. High precision
5. Fully insulated
6. Sound deadening
7. Assist in climate control
8. Look immaculate
9. Warp-free
10. Guaranteed

The only way we know of to build such a door, especially a large natural wood pocket door, is to design and build the door with patented Sing Core inside.

Patented Sing Core imbues the host pocket door with incredible attributes, like the ten items listed above.

How to Install a Pocket Door

There are many advantages the to process necessary to install a pocket door with Sing Core inside. First of all, the biggest compliment we receive from installers and anyone who handles a pocket door with Sing Core inside, raves about how light the doors are, which makes them easy to handle, reducing potential staff injury, and most of them do not require heavy equipment or excessive man power to maneuver while installing pocket doors, even if they are extremely large in size.


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