The Latest Trend in Large Doors: Large Pocket Doors

By Jeffrey Hill

With the number of trends taking off in the areas of construction and design, it really seems difficult to wade through all the misinformation these days. Big doors and small doors have all come into play, as well as, doors with fancy knobs, levers, and other accoutrements that often do more to confuse your customers and visitors than they do to create a functional door that has visual appeal. A good door should serve several purposes, including, leaving your customers and visitors feeling positive about opening the door to your residence or commercial establishment, adding visual flair to your location in the eyes of onlookers, and affording smooth, effortless, long-lasting operation that can give your residence or business the edge it needs to attract more admirers and visitors. The most discriminating, highest end customers have found Large Pocket Doors.


A Clear Advantage

Large pocket doors serve all the functions of conventional doors, but take less space, because they slide into a secret compartment inside the wall, instead of swinging into open areas where they can wreak havoc with furniture or bystanders who might be in the room. When you want to insure smooth, safe operation and usability, large pocket doors are the answer. Moreover, because pocket doors slide on tracks, they work with much larger openings than hinge doors do. This is why we fervently recommend large pivot doors above and beyond other styles of doors for most situations.

Command More Presence

It’s undeniable that high end residential and commercial locations benefit much more from larger doors than they do from smaller doors. The larger opening provides much greater visual appeal that can impress visitors and customers. You can sell more products and services by making your visitors and customers believe in you.

Superior Door Quality

Several factors are important when you are looking for doors with the best quality. Strength, weight, durability, visual appeal, warp free, features, and guarantee are all important when you are buying your door. Your doors must be strong to offer you more security and protection from warping, cracking, breaking, and damage from normal use. Also, you will find that more durable doors will allow you much longer use from your doors. With higher door quality, you will also have much better visual appeal so you can impress your visitors and customers. Lightweight coupled with high strength means your doors work better and result in less damage to your hardware and areas surrounding the door. Better skins, more types of doors skins, better sound blocking capabilities, bullet proofing, better heat insulation and other features make for pocket doors that will stun your visitors and customers with the vast array of situations your large pocket doors can accommodate. Last, but not least the, the guarantee is of utmost importance when dealing with doors of any size. That’s why we offer the best guarantee on the market. Your doors are guaranteed against warpage for 50 Years. You won’t find any other manufacturer on the market who has that kind of guarantee.





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