Custom Pocket Doors

Why You Should Consider a Custom Pocket Door

Pocket doors are amazing additions to any new construction or remodel project. Large pocket doors excel in spaces where the swing out area of a door is limited, or the architectural concept of the space calls for limited visual impact of the door while in the closed position.

Historically very popular during the Victorian period, pocket doors can add a dash of classical refinement, or push the room in to the realm of cutting edge design.

Where to Buy Pocket Doors

Large pocket doors of any size or variety can be sourced directly from our factory in McCleary, WA. Because we only supply unfinished door panels, we can only sell business to business and to millworks, construction companies, or design professionals coordinating the project.

Professionals, please contact us for a quote. Home owners should contact a local professional the trust and specify Sing Core inside for the strongest and most durable light weight panels available.

48 Inch Pocket Doors

Unlike the competition, we at Large Pocket Doors are not phased by large and oversize doors. If the architect specs a large door or you are an architect who wishes to specify a very large opening, our Large Pocket doors are you best choice. Our doors are made with patented Sing Core technology and come with a free 50-year structural guarantee. We are confident that our product will exceed the competition in:

  • Light Weight
  • Strength
  • True Straight for Life
  •  Sound Deadening
  • Variety of Skins Types

Extra Wide Pocket Door

Here at Large Pocket Doors we are able to make doors of almost any width, whether 2′, 20′, or larger. We are able to make panels of almost any size as one piece, often with seams in the facing material. However, such large sizes can be often be hard for our clients to handle and expensive to ship.

To help with this problem we offer large doors shipped as sections. These sections can be joined on site with wood glue and simple tools.

Interior Sliding Pocket Doors

If you need an interior sliding pocket door, there are many factors to consider. Doors need to be strong, but thin to fit in the wall. Pocket doors should be easy to operate. And

, most of all, they should be resistant to sound.

Because of our patented core material, the majority of the interior of the door is sound absorptive foam. This lends itself well to doors designed to separate space both visibly and audibly.

Pocket Door Sizes

Our Sing Core doors do not need to fit in to any particular size. Whether standard, oversize, double oversize, or beyond, we can make the right door for your project. Designing with Sing Core in your spec gives you the freedom to realize the farthest reaches of your imagination.

Custom Pocket Doors

Here at Large Pocket Doors, all of our door panels are custom made. We do not supply hardware or any finishing work. Generally we work with your contractor or millwork to produce state of the art panels and ship them directly to your workshop or job site for finishing and final installation.


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