Giant, Oversize, Exceptionally Large Pocket Doors


When it comes to style and utility, pocket doors are hard to beat. They can be sleek and space efficient in modern designs. When your client demands something just a little special, consider Large Pocket Doors for all your overside, custom, and architectural doors needs.

What sizes do pocket doors come in?

Large Pocket Doors produces pocket doors of all sizes. There is no door too big or too small (subject to minimum order fee). All we need to know is the height, width, and thickness of the panel in inches. All our products are made specifically, to order. We meet your specs or we die trying.

large pocket door
Large Pocket Door

How much space is needed for a pocket door?

A pocket door is the most space economical design for a door. The wall in to which the door retracts must be at least 1″ wider than the width of the door, to allow sufficient clearance. Pocket doors must be thin enough to fit inside the girth of the receiving wall, which means 3″ or less for a typical 2×4 stud wall.

Our doors do not warp and come with a 50-year guarantee. This means a pocket door can safely fit in a thinner wall with less clearance, because there is no danger of the panel warping. Warped panels means that door will not operate to its full capacity.

What kind of door do you use for a pocket door?

Large Pocket Door makes custom panels specifically designed for pocket door designs.

Failure to use the correct pocket door panel can lead to warping, and scraping of the door panel against the recess in the wall. Pocket doors are very sensitive to moisture and thermal warpage.

Don’t go wrong with an incorrect door, and go with the best specialist company in the pocket door space: Large Pocket Doors.

Are pocket doors more expensive than regular doors?

Pocket doors vary widely in price, just like typical door panels. However, using a cheap door in a pocket door facility often leads to heart break.

Unlike a regular hinge or sliding door, pocket doors, especially particularly large and oversize doors, are extremely susceptible to warpage that leads to malfunction of the door by rubbing against the frame.

How thick is a wall for a pocket door?

Large Pocket Doors will easily fit in to a standard 2×4 framed interior wall section. The width of the section must be at least 1″ wider than the total width of the wall panel, in order for the door to fit entirely within the wall.

Here at Large Pocket Doors we make doors custom to order. There is no wall too big or too small.

How thick is a pocket door frame?

Large Pocket Doors sells all custom made to order panels to fit the frame of your choice. Typical pocket doors are 2.5″ thick, but can be as little as 1.5″ with some skin material and overall panel sizes.

Double Pocket Door

Double pocket doors are increasingly popular now, with a distinct look and ability to span wider doorways. If there is a double in your dreams, then your wish is our command.


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