Sliding Pocket Doors

Large sliding pocket doors are making an impact on the way we look at not just managing access and egress but also in large room separators which when hidden away into their cavities expose a large open space.

Even after proper pocket door installation, large pocket doors can create challenges as they have a tendency to warp, move, bend, twist, or cup. While a good amount of skill is necessary in knowing how to install a pocket door, the most important is knowing how a large pocket door will perform over time. We carry the highest end quality best materials.

A warped pocket door can damage the door finish as it scrapes against its resting place or if severely warped can seize itself inside the wall rendering it inoperable altogether. This is probably the worst problem for sliding pocket doors and can even be more complicated when using a double pocket door, bypassing, or multi slide pocket doors.

High precision, door warp, and remaining straight and true over time are the biggest concerns for high end pocket doors.

Large pocket doors need not be just big visual obstructions as growing in popularity are large pocket doors which feature large transparent panes of glass to add visibility and a sense of expansiveness even in their closed position. These are commonly referred to, and specified as, French pocket doors.

Also important to the operation of a large pocket door is the pocket door track and pocket door hardware. As large pocket doors can come bearing a lot of weight due to their potentially enormous size, using a patented system of building a lighter weight and stronger pocket door is imperative to prolonged use and maintenance free performance over time.

Large Pocket Doors can be designed and built to your specifications featuring any flat building material and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty. No other large pocket door manufacturer can make such a claim unless it uses our proprietary patented and patent-pending large pocket door solutions.

Therefore, pocket doors by Large Pocket Doors are the most popular pocket door replacement for any existing pocket door system which tends to not meet the expectations of the owners who are bearing the weight of constant recurring high maintenance costs.

Our modern pocket doors can be manufactured to replicate the style and look of any type of door, which also makes Large Pocket Doors the perfect replacement door, even if replacing large antique pocket doors in historical renovations.

Due to Large Pocket Doors’ structural integrity, you don’t need to worry about how to repair a pocket door, even if it has been accidentally compromised, like having a hole punched through it by forklift forks, or even cut through with a chainsaw.

Our patented large pivot door material can be easily patched, sanded, and refinished, returning the door to it’s previous pristine condition and full strength without having to replace the entire pocket door.

Wood pocket doors are beautiful. (Who doesn’t love the elegance of a big slab of wood?) The only thing is, wood is the most likely material to move, twist, and bend according to changes in the environment. Our patented and patent-pending large pocket door technology empowers designers to have all the beauty of using natural wood in their pocket door designs, without having to compromise quality or fail-free performance.

All the large pocket doors that we build are highly sought after custom pocket doors. Each one is like an individual piece of art.

Whether you’re looking a designing an original single pocket door or creating the next generation of contemporary pocket doors, whether-or-not you must overcome the most rigorous demands of a heavy-duty pocket door, you can enjoy knowing that you can have one of the best architectural pocket doors available in the world today.

Large pocket doors represent the high-end market as the most luxury pocket doors in the world.


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