From The Mountains Of Washington, Pocket Doors!

We Provide The Straightest Door Panels In The Industry.

The goal of this new post is to make getting high quality pocket doors simple and enjoyable. All of our panels are composed of patented and patent pending technology—similar to solid wood—easy for the top architects, millworks, and contractors. 

Looking at a traditional pocket doors you will find  warping, cupping and scraping eventually. 

… Unless you use our patented and patent pending technology.

Our large pocket door technology is the best.

Peter Sing

A Pocket Door is Worth a Thousand Words

The best artisans build the best pocket doors for all occasions.  Pocket doors should be an art piece, a room insulator, a security door, and a soundproofing device. 

Our Pocket Doors Are The BEST!!!

Get The Best Pocket Doors Ever

If you are looking for a large pocket door make sure your door meets the following criteria:

  • Light Weight
  • High Strength
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Soundproof / Sound Resistant
  • Best Large Pocket Doors Ever
  • Warp Free Guaranteed for 50 Years, Guaranteed.
  • Patented and Patent Pending

Main Pitfalls For Pocket Doors

Whether a large sliding door, movable wall, temporary wall, or any special project, is standing by to contribute our special set of skills to your project.  

By choosing a full height sliding door here, the architect has maximized the opening and minimized the perception that it’s a door opening when the pocket door is fully open. Recessing the track is a clean, modern aesthetic, but it demands a high-quality track that won’t deflect under load or require future replacement. This is a permanent detail, so expect that the track price will reflect its durability.

Eric Reinholdt -Houzz, 2014

You can build a door in any shape you desire. 

Mural Doors

Combining the best technology and space age materials to bring you the best mural doors that money can buy. 

The above is a gallery with just two images. However, It showcases how the best pocket doors can have any skin added to them.  

Warp Free For 50 Years

Thanks to patented and patent pending technology

Thanks for Joining Us!



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