The Worlds Best Large Pocket Doors

by Rodney Bernstein

Large pocket doors have been our specialty back from the time we first opened shop.  We’ve tested out all kinds of doors, but we have found that large pocket doors accommodate many more situations than small pocket doors.

Doors that are larger can handle more traffic and allow larger furniture and items through the doorway.  For this reason, we have determined Large Pocket Doors are among the best kind of doors you can possibly install.

Even so, there are a number of specific challenges which prevent many companies from manufacturing large pocket doors.  The first is the straight, warp free nature of the panels.  If you’re going to buy a large door, you need to make sure these doors are warp free and can stand the test of time.  It is possible that thousands will walk through your door over time.  Your doors must have the strength to accommodate all that traffic and still remain undamaged and ready for more action.  Only the best doors will do.

We make all of our doors to exceed AWI standards.  That means your doors will be made as straight as an arrow.  When you open your large pocket doors, they must slide into the pocket.  That means they must be exceptionally straight in order to function properly.  With our special manufacturing process, we have solve all off the problems with warping of large pocket doors.  That way we can provide you with doors that function year after year with very little warping, better than AWI standards.

Any Skin

Because we know you need your door to look exactly how you want it, we offer any type of skin, any materials.  You can have mahogany, NW sourced Alder, fir, ash, cherry, white oak, walnut.  We even have hot rolled and cold rolled steel or aluminum.  Other popular options are fiberglass, Formica, Masonite, carbon fiber, MDF, MDO, and TPV.  

Guaranteed to the Teeth

We offer the best guarantee on the market.  No one else can offer you a better guarantee against warping, breaking, cracking, skewing, and separating.  With our warranty, you can rest assured that your doors will last a lifetime.

Certified Professional Panel

Our doors are 100% made in America, and we’re proud of that fact.  Domestic made means domestic quality.  When you buy our doors you get the best quality possible.


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